What is AppsConvert and how it works?

Purchase an app

Top-up your balance and purchase an app in 1 click directly from the control panel.

Select country

Use selected geo or purchase full access to an app with all geos opened.

Choose plan

Choose any of 4 available pricing plans - Start, Optimal, Premium and Preorder. Prices start from $0!

Insert your link

Add your offer URL directly from the AppsConvert panel.

Drive traffic to an app

Purchase installs from any traffic source - Facebook, Google Ads or any other traffic source of your choice.

Get traffic to your offer

Users who install an app will land on your offer URL when they open the app. Monitor real installs amount in AppsConvert panel.

Push Notifications

Reach installers with push notifications and push them to finish the funnel - get high ROI.

Our advantages

You can run traffic immediately, no need to wait!

Our apps are ready for your traffic - they have passed moderation and warm-up in Google Play Market. You need to select vertical and activate an app in your panel. No more waiting for developers to finish an app or wait when your affiliate program completes a new app or wait for 7 long days for moderation in Play Market. Just a few clicks in our panel and you can run traffic!

Any geo

You can run traffic from any geo to our apps. In the "Start" plan, you select one app and one geo of your choice. You can buy more geos or purchase full access to an app. Run traffic from any geo - US or CA (Facebook and Google won't ban your link or account).

Trusted apps

All our apps are warmed up manually and have high trust from Google and Facebook. This results in faster ad campaign moderation time and increased lifetime of your campaigns/accounts. Anyone who ran traffic to apps via Facebook faced an account ban with the reason: "Scam App." We found a solution to this problem and we guarantee that none of our apps will harm your ad campaign. Those who are running traffic from Google are facing a problem with account bans due to the low trust of the promoted app. With our apps you won't have such problems!

Beautiful and relevant app design

All our apps are unique not only on the source code level but also design-wise. They are immaculate! Our team of experienced designers meticulously works on every detail: app name, icons and overall app styling. We guarantee a high conversion rate and ROI.

Smart Push Notifications

We have integrated push notification system to our apps for users who installed it. You can track user activity and send push notifications based on different parameters of their activity. For example, you can different to push to users who have converted into a lead and to those who did not convert. Push notification CTR is 85%, based on our tests. Convert your users into the lead by building a multi-level funnel with push. Setup automated push campaigns: based on send time, geo and other parameters.

Replacement guarantee

Starting from the Optimal plan, we give a replacement guarantee if the app gets blocked or removed from Google Play Market. Drive app installs without worrying about an app getting blocked! We will replace the banned app free of charge within a specified period (based on the selected plan).

Amazing retention rate

Thanks to the smart technologies of our app, it always gets to the main screen of the phone. On average, the user returns to an app nine times a day, bringing you a superb conversion rate.

Effortless URL/offer replacement

You can quickly replace an offer URL directly from the AppsConvert control panel - no need to message app developer and wait for him to replace the link. After URL was changed all the users will see new content in their app. You can also use a built-in URL rotation tool - insert a few links and define rotation rules so that your users can see different offers inside an app.

Replenishment methods

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